Steward: one appointed to manage or look after. We are stewards of the future – discovering, developing and stewarding creative talent, marketing brands, and distributing high quality content for a global audience. We are stewards of time, stories and people.
We are building a sustainable platform for artisans of all kinds – musicians, actors, directors, writers, creative and visual artists – through collaboration, creative content and brand partnership. We journey alongside these artisans to tell stories that will impact future generations.



As Great Company stewards, we journey through time.  1917 marks the birth of the Company's physical foundations at the SEED Center. Inspired by the past and by the values of the future, the Great Company opened its doors in 2013 to take the journey together.  
We are headquartered at the SEED Center in the Downtown LA Arts District – a full-service venue equipped with recording studio, rehearsal and performance stage, collaboration and production space, film and photo shoot facilities, lounge area, kitchen facilities, and administrative office space. The SEED Center was designed as a collaborative space in which artisans can work together to build their craft.



We want to present the new faces of America by unpacking and guiding artisans to become a positive force in the global market. We are committed to the next generation of young people around the world, and our investment is in people and their dreams.